Accounting Staff - AM112

Industry: Automotive
Work location: Central Ohio, U.S.A.
Job description: 
• Prepare Plan/Result data monthly for the company report requirements
• Profit & Loss
• Mixed Change (For each product and summary)
• Mgt Report
• Sales & Matl Analysis
• Confirm/Monitor/audit manpower
• Perform manpower line audits. Advise mgt & HR of issues. Confirm corrections
• Attend weekly manpower review with HR & Prod
• Confirm HR manpower report and other manpower reports match to approved plan & results
• Maintain system current/standard cost
• Support development & translation of BP report
• Support misc reports & translation needs
To prepare/report/monitor actual product cost and complete monthly management reports. Support in all Business Plan related activities. Provides accurate, complete & timely financial information while complying with the Company's stated JSOX requirements. Completes tasks as assigned in the section's monthly JASMat (Job Assignment and Skills Matrix).
Employment status: Direct hire
Language requirements: Japanese
Qualification requirements: 
• B.A. Degree or 3 yrs equivalent related experience
• Strong interpersonal & communication skills
• Strong Negotiation Skills
• Solid multitasking & time management skills
• Knowledgeable & proficient in Microsoft Excel
• Strong mathematical & analytical skills
• Excellent problem solving skills
• Leadership ability
• Ability to maintain confidential information
• Ability to be self-motivated & work independently with limited supervision
• Ability to speak & translate both English to Japanese – Japanese to English
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Jan 08