Japanese/English Bilingual Business Planning Administrator - AM114

Industry: Automotive
Work location: Eastern Indiana, U.S.A.
Cost Accounting
•Analyze the production costs and diagnosing the finance issues for improving the company’s profitability.
•Manage applications of cost accounting principles to conduct studies, which provide detailed cost information for each section to work on for process and efficiency improvement.
•Develop policies and procedures related to the job, create new methods to reduce and measure costs and install and maintain the cost accounting system.
•Improve and maintain a system to calculate the real-time in-house cost for finished goods, parts, and per line basis, and review progress and ensure improvement.
•Calculate labor rates for each section and work cell, and various overhead rates to identify potential bottleneck of causing inefficiency to improve manpower and task efficiency.
•Create product profitability report for a new model to management including a break-even point analysis between the sales and fix/variable cost to ensure the profitability of each new model.
•Create product profitability report for current model to management including a break-even point analysis between the sales and fix/variable cost to identify room for improvement in the current operation.
•Support the cost accounting unification project for the entire organization.

Budget/ Variance Analysis
•Assist in creating annual, semi-annual, and quarterly budget.
•Furnishing monthly “budget vs. actual” variance analysis, and cost accounting information, presented to President for further management decision and/or North America headquarters.

Business Planning
•Develop, recommend, implement and confirm measures to improve business methods, equipment performance, and quality of products.
•Keep management abreast with performance key index outcome and other performance index charts as necessary and input data into charts and other related documents.
•Work with each section as the main office of Business Planning to bolster their daily activities scheduled in Action Plan project and other Business Planning initiated projects.
•Create Business Planning related presentation presented each quarter to North America President and/or Top Management of Japan.
•Prepare periodical reports submitted to the Japanese headquarters.
vDocument translation/ interpretation.
Employment status: Direct Hire
Language requirements: Japanese
Qualification requirements: 
• Fluent in Japanese; Good understanding of all Cost Accounting practices and procedures within a manufacturing company.
• Good organizational skills and a pro-active “can-do” attitude and detail-orientated.
• Should possess excellent Excel & PowerPoint Skills.
Salary: Negotiable
Date posted: 2019 Feb 22