Weight Engineer - AS407

Work location: Komaki, Aichi, Japan
Job description: 
• Designated specialist for Weight Team in Aircraft Specification Group
The responsible Engineer will work and lead following activities,
• Management of the aircraft weight & C.G.
• Aircraft weight reduction activity and design weight growth study
• Certification activity related to weight and C.G.
• Support of the sales, marketing, customer support, flight test, ground test and manufacturing tooling / process related to weight and C.G.
• This will include interfacing with other department in the company, suppliers (systems and structures), authorities (JCAB, EASA and FAA) and customers (airlines) relating to the above activities.

Engineer will work as a team member of the Weight Team. There is a possibility to be engaged to the special team such as weight reduction team or new aircraft development team.

This activity includes;
• Check the status and forecast of aircraft weight and C.G.
• Gathering the weight data / information of system and structure components from design team of company and suppliers
• Check the status weight of system and structure component vs target weight
• Weight reduction activity
• Design weight growth study
• Determine or revise the design weight and C.G. envelope
• Preparation of weight report and mass data for analysis, tests and manufacturing tooling / process
• Preparation of weight and balance manual
• Measurement of the aircraft, major assemblies, components
• Improvements of weight data gathering and verification process
• All tasks required to perform above activities are considered within work scope; preparing / reviewing related documents, technical discussion with the team members, all related group such as aircraft performance, system, structure, marketing, and customer support.
• If requested, prepare presentation materials and/or attend the meeting or discussion with authorities (JCAB, EASA, FAA).
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Jan 08