Noise Senior Engineer - AS810

Industry: Aerospace
Work location: Primary work location: Nagoya, Japan; domestic and international travel required
Job description: 
The primary role of this position is to lead certification of the aircraft, within the domain of noise. Specific work will include design, testing, data evaluation, preparing, and reviewing documents and internal technical discussions. This will include interfacing with all other aircraft functions, engineering teams, partner companies, and certification authorities to negotiate, coordinate, and obtain the required approvals, and reporting to stakeholders on performance, risks, and other issues. The role would include mentoring and developing future members of the noise team.

The secondary role will be to guide other noise design/verification activities related to interior noise, ramp noise, and system noise.

• The employee will work as a member of the Noise Team in the Flight Dynamics Group.
• Basic work scope is to lead and finalize the aircraft noise certification activities which are executed by using the following methods and processes, as Chief Compliance Expert:
a) Noise Certification Flight Test  
b) No Acoustical Change (NAC) process using Noise Certification Engine Static Test for supplemental TC
c) Analytical (Static to Flight Model) process using the noise data measured at (a) and (b) for supplemental TC  
• Further scope (if requested) includes assisting with other noise activities related to interior noise, ramp noise, and system noise
• The following tasks required to perform the above activities are considered within the work scope:
- preparing and reviewing related documents, technical calculations, test support, and interface discussions with team members and all other stakeholders including the aircraft performance team, systems, structures, partners, and certification authorities (JCAB, FAA and EASA); and
- reporting the status, performance, risks and issues to the stakeholders, and considering the solutions or mitigation plans for the risks and issues to adhere to scheduling.
• Education and continual mentoring of company's members about professional knowledge of noise is required

Employment status: Direct
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Feb 20