Simulation Integration Engineer - AS8122

Industry: Aerospace
Work location: Nagoya, Japan
Job description: 
The professional will work in the Simulation team and the main scope of the work is to provide specialized technical assistance to the team regarding the integration of aircraft simulation models for an aircraft equipped with a digital Fly by Wire system.
The management and integration of simulation models within the complete aircraft simulation on the desktop computer and on ground test rigs.
There will be regular, close interaction with the Systems and Flight Dynamics teams.
The engineer is expected to provide hands-on assistance on the aircraft development, with innovative ideas and able to adapt successfully to changing situations and environments.
If requested, the specialist will also work on other duties related to simulation and systems analysis such as development of tools, analysis methodologies and documentation.

• The Professional will work as a team member of Simulation Team in the Flight Dynamics Group.
• The basic work scope is to provide technical assistance to the development and certification of the aircraft program, focusing primarily on the management and integration of aircraft simulation models.
This activity includes:
• Oversight of the execution of the plan of action for the Simulation team to meet the aircraft development, verification, and certification objectives,
• Coordination between the Simulation team and disciplines using the aircraft simulation model, to ensure that the agreed requirements and schedules are met,
• Lead and coordination of the gathering and update of simulation requirements from the disciplines using the simulation model,
• Entry and maintenance of the simulation requirements within the requirements database.
• Verification that release process for simulation model updates has been adhered-to for validation, quality checks, conformity, documentation and configuration control,
• Tracking of model issues identified during any desktop analysis, piloted simulation, rig testing or flight testing and coordination of their resolution,
• Hands-on integration of simulation models within the aircraft model, validation, quality checks, documentation and configuration control entry,
• To support the creation, verification and maintenance of aircraft simulation models and tools that have an acceptable level of fidelity to support the design, validation and certification process of the aircraft. These models will be used for system design, Safety of Flight analysis, support to flight test, autoland and certification support purposes, including failure case analysis,
• To provide leadership, coordination and oversight of simulation task,
• To educate and mentor company members about professional knowledge of simulation methodologies,
• To provide expertise in resolving model issues
Employment status: Direct
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Feb 25