Material Support Business Planning of Spare Parts Pricing and Program Development - AS8186

Industry: Aerospace
Work location: Nagoya, Japan; domestic and international travel
Job description: 
Responsible for pricing of spare parts and service program development (e.g., pool program) to achieve simultaneously market competitive offerings and reasonable profitability, including the following:
• Define mark-up policy for each spare parts category
• Develop a special tool to calculate the pool, repair management, and on-site prices
• Develop processes for periodic pricing aligned with business requirements
• Coordinate with suppliers for pricing
• Develop repair management functions and processes
• Develop business plans and processes for a spare parts service program
• Coordinate with customers and suppliers to develop the spare parts service program
• Develop plans for human resources, needed infrastructure, and tools to operate the spare parts service program

Employment status: Direct
Normal work hours: Full-time
Qualification requirements: 
• Work experience in commercial aerospace with an original equipment manufacturer
• 3+ years experience in spare parts pricing or service program development
• Knowledge of OEM spare parts operations
• Good communication skills with airline customers and suppliers

Preferred candidates will possess:
• Knowledge of spare part market prices
• Experience offering spare parts to customers
• Experience with supplier negotiations for spare parts
• Knowledge of technical requirements of customers for spare parts service programs
• Experience in component repair management
• Experience operating a spare parts service program
• Experience with configuration management of spare part inventories
• Knowledge of asset management, accounting, and taxation
• Team management skills
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 May 20