Japanese-English Bilingual Global Production Planner - AM8188

Industry: Automotive
Work location: Central Ohio, U.S.A.
Job description: 
The global production planner will be responsible for:
• Planning finished goods for prototypes, new models, and mass production based on company inventory targets, customer demand, quantity and design levels
• Observing FIFO on-hand, in-transit, and in-production inventory as imported from overseas plants
• Managing all data associated with planning of product deliveries to customer service centers and end customers
• Negotiating with manufacturing plants on behalf of the company
• Instructing internal departments regarding supply chain control and inventory management

• Monitors customer demand for assigned finished goods to assure data quality, and monitors change points, assisting internal departments to resolve demand-related concerns
• Manages daily activities for assigned overseas production; works with overseas contacts to negotiate on behalf of the company to rapidly report and resolve concerns as they arise
• Remain cognizant of assigned finished goods parts, plant locations, production methodologies, related systems, procurement methods, lead-times, and internal warehouse handling procedures to maintain supply chain stability
• Utilizes production planning system to manage assigned demand, maintain a stable production plan, maintain inventory levels in accordance with company policy, and monitor supply chains
• Remain cognizant of on-hand and in-transit finished goods inventory in relation to targets; provides instruction regarding parts flow and material movement requests to responsible parties as required
• Confirms customer delivery schedules against inventory plans to isolate inventory shortages; works with plants, company logistics team, freight forwarders, and warehouses to implement needed countermeasures
• Works with company logistics and freight forwarder to manage in-bound ocean containers and air shipments for timely deliveries to the finished goods warehouse
• Formulates, reports, and performs contingency planning based on risk assessment to safeguard company inventory and customers
• Participates as an active member of the prototype and new model start-up activity team on behalf of the production planning business unit; participates in all meetings and acts accordingly to meet team objectives
• Updates, controls, and disseminates both internally and externally all finished goods design level change information
• Follows business unit policies, procedures, work instructions; assists with creating documentation and work instructions
• Assists with monthly business unit reporting
• Supports T&S PC management and staff as directed by company PP management
• Provides instruction and negotiates with related business unit departments regarding finished goods and materials management, delivery timing, new model project schedule timing, design change implementation timing, rework activities, obsolescence and service parts processing, and countermeasures for cost-savings and emergencies

Employment status: Direct Hire
Language requirements: Japanese and English
Qualification requirements: 
• Bachelor’s degree
• Up to 3 years of professional experience in a related field, preferred
• Experience working in a Japanese company (in Japan or the U.S.), preferred
• English fluency
• Business Japanese reading, typing, and speaking proficiency, preferred
• Microsoft Office Suite (including Excel and Access) skills
• Math application skills
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Sequential manufacturing scheduling skills, preferred
• International import experience, preferred
• Frequent early morning and late evening meetings held with overseas plants and related companies (flextime scheduling is promoted by the departmental manager)
Salary: Negotiable
Date posted: 2019 May 22