Japanese-English Bilingual Production Control Assistant Manager - AM819

Industry: Automotive
Work location: Central Ohio, U.S.A.
Job description: 

1. Production operations

Managing production plans and results
・based on customer orders, monitor production schedules for each line to make sure the production load is satisfactory
・if there is a problem with the production load, consider overtime work plan and recruitment of staff
・confirm daily production results and manage the achievement ratio to planned
Improve productivity: production control responsibilities
1) Production planning and actual results control/management
・based on customer orders, confirm production plans for each line and confirm if there are any production line load problems
・in the case that there are production line load problems, investigate overtime plans and hiring new associates
・confirm actual production results on a daily basis and manage actual results versus planned
2) Production and product capability improvements
・manage and control the standard takt times for each line and each model
・confirm actual results versus standard takt time, investigate whether there are any improvement points in associate maturation and line/process balance
3) Production associate management
・along with providing new associates with basic training and knowledge, continue training at regular intervals and maintain high-quality associates
・identify and understand associate’s aptitudes; as required, investigate changing associate supervisors and changing associate’s responsibilities, line positions, etc.
4) Equipment maintenance
・manage the inventory and replacement frequency of those parts that must be changed on a regular basis and order parts as required on a regular basis
・train associates on how to perform equipment daily maintenance and calibration methods and confirm that this is being done on a daily/frequent basis
5) Maintain and improve 5S
・confirm that all equipment, jigs, parts, etc., are in placed in the correct location and confirm that there is no ‘unreasonableness and waste’ in parts delivery, processes, etc., on a regular basis
・if there are any associates not following the 5s rules, explain that to the associate and train them in 5S

2. Production control management responsibilities

1) Manage the delivery of parts shipped from the company’s overseas facilities
・confirm whether parts are being shipped per the company’s purchase orders; in the case that parts are late, confirm the status of the ship or train carrying the late parts against customer demand, and if necessary request air shipment of parts
・manage and control the progress of ocean, train and air shipment delivery dates
2) Confirm inventory status compared to customer shipments
・confirm that there is sufficient inventory maintained to satisfy all customer orders
・when there is insufficient inventory because of a sudden increase in orders or because of delayed overseas shipments, summarize the insufficient inventory situation and report to supervisor
3) Communicate with and report to the customer
・when there is a significant change in customer’s orders, confirm the reason, background and if the information is correct
・when parts will not be delivered on time to the customer, confirm what happened and then communicate as quickly as possible how the situation will be resolved with the customer
・obtain new model start up information and build out model information
4) Systems operations
・perform systems operations concerning the input of customer orders, customer shipment instructions, customer shipment processes, input of overseas orders and shipment information, inventory ‘in-out’ information, etc.
5) Outside supplier order management and control
・taking customer orders and inventory status under consideration, determine when components must be ordered from outside suppliers, determine order volume and place orders
6) Outside warehouse management and control
・manage inventory storage and shipments from outside warehouses; hold meetings and negotiate when there are problems with inventory or shipments; communicate and instruct concerning new models and design changes, etc.
7) Document creation
・on a regular basis create documents concerning the inventory situation, shipment management, labor costs, logistical costs, etc., as well as critical KPI items, etc.

Employment status: Direct Hire
Language requirements: Japanese
Qualification requirements: 
・English ability: must be able to accurately receive and understand customer information and when there is a problem, must be able to negotiate without immediately acquiescing to the customer, but by following the company’s stance and direction
・Japanese ability: must be able to communicate in proper Japanese, with headquarters in Japan and with all overseas production facilities
・Willingness to work together, understand, cooperate, and move forward; must be willing to work together, unconcerned about his or her self, with other departments to determine the situation of outside companies, and to move forward in order to meet specified goals
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Feb 21