Accounting Staff - AM112HA

Employment status

Direct Hire



Work location

Central Ohio, U.S.A.

Language requirements


Qualification requirements

 • B.A. Degree or 3 yrs equivalent related experience
 • Strong interpersonal & communication skills
 • Strong Negotiation Skills
 • Solid multitasking & time management skills
 • Knowledgeable & proficient in Microsoft Excel
 • Strong mathematical & analytical skills
 • Excellent problem solving skills
 • Leadership ability
 • Ability to maintain confidential information
 • Ability to be self-motivated & work independently with limited supervision
 • Ability to speak & translate both English to Japanese – Japanese to English


 • Prepare Plan/Result data monthly for the company report requirements
 • Profit & Loss
 • Mixed Change (For each product and summary)
 • Mgt Report
 • Sales & Matl Analysis
 • Confirm/Monitor/audit manpower
 • Perform manpower line audits. Advise mgt & HR of issues. Confirm corrections
 • Attend weekly manpower review with HR & Prod
 • Confirm HR manpower report and other manpower reports match to approved plan & results
 • Maintain system current/standard cost
 • Support development & translation of BP report
 • Support misc reports & translation needs

Scope of responsibilities

To prepare/report/monitor actual product cost and complete monthly management reports. Support in all Business Plan related activities. Provides accurate, complete & timely financial information while complying with the Company’s stated JSOX requirements. Completes tasks as assigned in the section’s monthly JASMat (Job Assignment and Skills Matrix).


Negotiable, depending on experience


NSR coordinator: Global Talent Acquisition Specialists Team

TEL: +81-52-218-5882