Flight Control Law Engineer - Analysis and Rig Test Support - AS423DP

Employment status

Dispatched position

Work location

Komaki, Aichi, Japan



Qualification requirements

 • Special requirements: at least 5 years of experience in the area of Aircraft Flight Control Law specifications, analysis, and/or testing
 • TOEIC 600 score or higher
 • Fluent in Japanese


Collaborate with team members, related group members, and rig test sections (Iron Bird, Engineering Flight Simulation #1 and #2) and conduct the following tasks in order to demonstrate SOF (Safety of Flight) and compliance regarding flight characteristic fields:
 • Conduct vehicle dynamics simulations using 6 degrees of freedom simulation tool ‘VDS’
 • Prepare/review requirement specifications (E-Spec) for FLC (Flight Control Law)
 • Prepare/review FCL model for VDS by auto code from Simlink models
 • Prepare/review test vectors for testing the control law function
 • Support pilot simulation testing on Iron Bird, etc., including P-Spec preparation, pre-test witnessing, and post-test analysis


Minimum 1,800 yen/hour, depending on experience

NSR coordinator: Global Talent Acquisition Specialists Team

TEL: +81-52-218-5882