Production Control Assistant Manager - AM110HA

Employment status

Direct Hire



Work location

Central Ohio, U.S.A.

Language requirements


Qualification requirements

 • English Skill: Ability request correct information from the customer. In the case of a problem, ability to negotiate solutions based on YMA company policy instead of the customer's compliance
 • Japanese Skill:Ability to communicate the correct information with the mother company in Japan and/or overseas factories in Japanese
 • Cooperativeness, Flexibility, Driving Force:Ability to strive toward goals with flexibility, recognizing the needs of related departments, affiliated companies, and external contractors and taking these into consideration, rather than making self-oriented decisions
 • Detail Oriented, Accuracy:Understanding the relationship of Purchase, Sales, and Inventory
 • Due Date Awareness:Consistent awareness of arrival date, shipping date, lead time required for transportation, and can manage ordering and receiving
 • System Operation:Understanding overall Logistics systems with some experience in creating/updating Masters, Customer Orders, Purchase Orders, Receiving and
Shipping information.
 • Excel Skill:Understanding the functions of Intermediate level formula such as SUM, SUMIF, VLOOKUP and/or Pivot Table and able to create reports with them


1. Production Operation
1) Managing production plans and results
 • Based on the customer order, monitor production schedule for each line to make sure the production load is satisfactory
 • If there is a problem with the production load, consider overtime work plan and recruitment of staff
 • Confirm daily production results and manage achievement ratio to plan
2) Improve productivity
 • Manage Standard Time by line and item  • For Standard Time, confirm the actual achievements, examine for improvements in balance of proficiency and work
3) Staff Management
 • In addition to the basic training for new hires, provide any necessary additional training after joining the company and strive to maintain the quality of staff
 • Determine the aptitude of the worker, and consider change of assignments as necessary and replacement of workers
4) Equipment Maintenance
 • Manage replacement frequency and inventory of periodic replacement parts and periodically order necessary parts
 • Educate workers on daily equipment maintenance and fairness methods and check if it is performed correctly on a regular basis
5) Maintain and Improve 5S
 • Regularly check equipment, jigs, parts placement as predetermined, and correct waste in the work flows
 • For the workers unable to follow the rules, point out the problem and provide 5S education

2. Production Control
1) Delivery Control from overseas factory shipment
 • Confirm shipments are as scheduled on PO, monitor and correct shipping delays, requesting air shipment, train transportation, etc. to remedy
 • Track progress on arrival date of ocean, train, air shipments
2) Confirmation of inventory status for customer shipment
 • Confirm whether satisfactory inventory is secured for customer order
 • If the inventory is insufficient for reasons such as a sharp increase in orders or delays in scheduled delivery reports the shortage situation to the supervisor
3) Communication with Customer
 • Confirm the reasons, backgrounds, or correct information when customer order changes significantly
 • If customer shipping deadline cannot be met, notify all related parties with proposed countermeasures immediately
 • Continually communicate with customers and YMA staff regarding New Model launch information and Build-Out Model information
4) System Operation
 • Perform system operations including uploading customer orders, customer shipping instructions, shipping processing, orders to overseas factories, stock movements, etc.
5) Purchase Order Management
 • Considering customer orders and inventory status, determine the necessary timing and quantities required, and place orders with overseas factories and local suppliers
6) External Warehouse Management
 • Manage outsourced shipping operation and inventory control Perform Inquiries and negotiations when problems are found in inventory and shipping status, and provide instructions regarding new models and design changes
7) Documents Creation
 • Periodically prepare reports on key KPI items such as inventory status, shipping management, labor costs, logistics costs, etc.

Scope of responsibilities

■ The Manager candidate / Assistant Manager of the position description below
A department head from our mother company in Japan oversees all processes currently, so the candidate does not need to meet all requirements.
Candidates with both practical and managerial experience will be considered for the Manager role.
Candidates with practical experience and management skills will be considered for the prospective Manager role.


Negotiable, depending on experience

NSR coordinator: Global Talent Acquisition Specialists Team

TEL: +81-52-218-5882