Service Engineering Team Leader - AS436MW

Work location

The primary work location will be in Nagoya, Japan. However, the job involves international travel.

Qualification requirements

 • Work experience of line maintenance for regional airplanes (A&P license holder is preferable)
 • Work experience of creating, using and managing documents/manual related to aircraft maintenance
 • Specialized knowledge of aviation regulation, etc., of respective countries especially regarding MMEL, CMRs, ADs, etc.
 • Designated engineering representative to approve structural repairs on behalf of local authority (equivalent to certifying staff qualification in JCAB)
 • Experience using airplane health management and engine condition monitoring system


1. Project management related to creating service engineering organization, functions, and process interfacing with customers and operation centers before first delivery as team leader
2. Lead and manage service engineering role and responsibility to provide correct and prompt answer for technical inquiries from customers after first delivery as team leader
 • Manage development schedule and challenges for service engineering team
 • Plan for the appropriate size of organization for service engineering team
 • Arrange appropriate 3 working shifts to cover 24 hours/7 days operation (including negotiations with labor union)
 • Define SOP for service engineering staff to handle service requests from customers
 • Summarize specifications for managing service request IT system and verify functions
 • Define key performance index (KPI) to measure SE staff’s performance
 • Proceed service request dry-run by using examples with customer, operation center staff, and design engineers
 • Define training syllabus and conduct necessary training for staff candidates
 • Manage service engineering team operations after first delivery
 • Have certified staff approve structure repair scheme beyond SRM (Structure Repair Manual) within delegated authority instead of JCAB
 • Calculation and management of assets/department budget


Negotiable, depending on experience

NSR coordinator: Global Talent Acquisition Specialists Team

TEL: +81-52-218-5882